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Moving Tech Forward

At NextTech, we offer quality, reliable full-service IT equipment disposal. Regardless of your IT equipment disposal needs, we can handle your sensitive materials in the proper way to give you peace of mind and total satisfaction guaranteed.

Recycle & Refurbish

Disposing of used IT equipment around the globe can be a daunting process. Let Next Tech guide you in every step of that process, and take the hassle out of disposing of your used IT equipment.

Data Security and Destruction

Our secure data wiping procedures will offer total confidentiality following strict NIST data sanitation guidelines that will render your information irretrievable. For when sanitation just wont do, we offer total data destruction. Shredding of hard drives, discs and other media will ensure total loss making your data permanently inaccessible.

Our Process

IT Asset Remarketing
IT assets will undergo depreciation just like any other infrastructural component in your business. Some components can be reused, resold or recycled. Each of these avenues offer a certain return and the value will determine the best way forward. Next Tech recommends reuse of IT and related equipment. Reuse is not only the simplest form of recycling but it is also a financially sound strategy for companies to recoup some of their original investment when the gears are no longer of any utility or value to the business.
Remarketing of IT Assets
It is true that most IT assets will have a residual market value that is substantially lower than its original cost. But giving up on such assets has no financial return whatsoever. Next Tech has the expertise to procure such IT assets and equipment remarket them and offers you a significant return.
Our Approach
The approach we have is pretty lucid. We determine if the IT equipment is not obsolete and hence still reusable. The gear could be reusable in its entirety or it could have parts that can be reused, in old or new devices. Once we accept the device or equipment as reusable, we test it for functionality and the operation it is designed for. We do not wait for the actual sale to happen or the gear to be reused before we make you an offer. We make a purchase offer immediately after testing the gadget and conducting a pragmatic valuation. We can assure you the maximum valuation of your IT assets in regards to reuse and remarketing.
The Process
Subject to your acceptance of the purchase offer, we will procure the IT assets and make the payment. The subsequent steps do not alter the purchase offer. The eventual reuse or remarketing, how successful it is or how long it takes for the process to be complete is not your responsibility and it doesn’t affect your returns.
Valuation & Procurement
At Next Tech have the expertise in assessing IT assets for their reusability, possible refurbishment and potential recycling. We have the pulse of the market, we understand the demands and also the entire spectrum of reusing existing IT assets and their components. Hence, we can gauge if your IT gears will be reusable and if so then what kind of financial returns you can derive from the transaction. Accordingly we go about our procurement.

Give us a call and we can help you maximize the value of your IT assets that are no longer in use.

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